A Bit About Kera

Kera is a talented and hard working digital editor who works from her home office. She has been editing images for over twelve years and only recently decided to create a website all of her own!

Kera is now working part-time on a feature film that is currently being shot in Hollywood, but is still available for freelance work.

Kera graduated from the University of the Arts, London in 2006 with a BA in Fine Art. She later went on to work for many different, well-known artists and it was during this time that she established herself and started taking on paid work as a freelance image editor. 

Programs Kera Works With

  • Adobe Photoshop

    Kera is able to work with Photoshopp document files that have been saved from any version of Photoshop as she has two computers covering all verisons of the program. Please see Kera's latest work on this: waste removal site. Kera recommends Photoshop as the best program to work with on all accounts.

  • Microsoft Paint

    It may seem silly to include this but in Kera's experience, a lot of people still use this simple image editing program and ask Kera to edit images in this program from time to time. This is something that she is happily able and willing to agree to.

  • Adobe Illustrator

    Illustrator is not used very often these days by creative professionals working in graphic design but Kera is happy to work with Illustrator if that is what you wish. Illustrator is still exceptionally good for creating vector graphics.

Kera's Clients

Kera has worked with numerous clients over the past decade; from the very well-known to the average small business owner as is very happy to continue working with anyone and everyone!

  • 3,720Images Edited For Editoral Publication
  • 3,702 Images Edited For Commercial Websites
  • 2,908 Images Edited For Personal Websites
  • 451 Images Edited For Film
  • 2,764 Images Edited For E-Commerce Websites

Kera has carefully edited thousands of images for clients from very different backgrounds, and for very different requiremnets and end uses. Kera is happy to work with images for e-commerce stores, personal sites, business / company sites, magazines and books and so on. Please get in touch with Kera so a special link to her online portfolio can be emailed to you for your consideration.

Ready to Get Going?

Send a message to Kera using the contact form below this paragraph! She is usually extremely busy and is currently working on a Hollywood film so please do note that she may reply within three working days, although it is typically shorter than that. She's really looking forward to hearing from you!